JAFO is the best prosthetic cover for AK and BK patients. Removable, reimbursable, light weight, official cover for Freedom Innovations, Nabtesco, and Endolite brands. Amputee athletes know that JAFO is the only proven cover out there. JAFO also created a strap that prevents any chaffing from your AFO. Currently Turbo Med AFO's and Leifspring AFO are used and have increased the comfort and effectiveness of the AFO.


In 2012, I noticed that the current prosthetic covers on the market were solid, heavy, easily damaged and permanently affixed.  I had the idea to make a removable cover that was made with a soft, yet durable plastizote foam surrounded by a durable cool-flex neoprene.  After JAFO was granted 3 design patents and 1 utility patent,  JAFO introduced the Freedom Cover to many professionals and quickly became the number one Prosthetic Removable Cover in the world today because of ease at which it is measured and applied.   AOPA Coding Committee reviewed the product and decided that the Covers meet the qualifications for reimbursement.  The Freedom Cover is now the official cover for Freedom Innovations, Endolite and Nabtesco.   We have over 150 clinics in the US and JAFO is represented by SPS, PEL and Cascade.   Freedom Covers are sold internationally in Canada, Europe, UK, and Japan.   JAFO originally started when James Devito invented a new Ankle Foot Orthotic in 2001.  The JAFO is now used by AFO companies as a new way to wear AFO’s and are being sold together with TurboMed and Maramed AFO’s today.