We have ordered over 80 covers and not one return! Patients love them.

Shelli Hale - Freedom Cover

ABC-certified prosthetist-orthotist. 20+ years , Horizon Prosthetics

I love wearing the Freedom Cover. I know my leg is protected from anything and it looks like a sock.

Aaron Sifuentes - AK Freedom Cover

Dallas, TX

I have ordered many Freedom Covers from JAFO and all of my clients are pleased with the product.  I am also an amputee and wear mine daily.

Shane Coltrain - AK and BK Freedom Covers

BS, CPO Orthotics Prosthetics East Inc. Greenville, NC

I searched  for ways to help my husband deal with his new chapter of his life.  It helps him feel better about himself.

Dionne - BK Freedom Cover

Loving Wife

I received my cover and I love it! it fits perfectly, thanks so much!

Katie Bulloch - BK Freedom Cover

“People like you are changing lives in amputees everyday. Giving them the courage to got out into the public.”

Jim Brown - AK Freedom Cover


They fit perfectly and they look so cool on! I have ordered two pairs already!

Charlie Swearingen - BiLateral AK Freedom Cover

U.S. Paralympic Volley Ball Team

I just got my covers and couldn’t believe how quick the delivery was to the UK.  I love them? No more trousers flapping around or skinny legs lol and also an extra layer of protection.  Thank you JAFO.

Bryan - AK Freedom Cover

Special Forces UK

I am really pleased how the Freedom Cover improved my trousers look. Can’t see the difference from a sound limb! The fitting on my C-leg is exceptional and the upper cover is just as good too.

Martin - AK Freedom Cover


My daughter received her JAFO cover recently and is very satisfied- it is lightweight, versatile, washable and attractive.  Thank you JAFO for your excellent communication, outstanding customer service and prompt delivery. Highly recommended! I will get another color in 2017.

Lila Simpson - BK Freedom Cover

Loving Mom

“I used the freedom cover for my match for the first ever syndicated amputos boxing event  and it was perfect.All other fighters had large pads taped to their legs and was very heavy.The Freedom Cover was super light and strong. I also won the fight”

Fransonet Martinez - AK Freedom Cover

Amputee Boxer

Great products.  I have know James for years and he is an honest and hard worker.

Juan Gutierrez - Freedom Cover

Agricultural Specialist

I feel complete! My girlfriend bought this for me and I was so excited. Thank you JAFO.

Anthony - BK Freedom Cover

Retired Military - Preacher

Going back to work again is now possible!!

Frank Jeff - JAFO

Drop Foot Patient, Fireman

The Freedom Cover has been wonderful.  The cosmetic cover I had before was very heavy. I am happy with my new prosthetic cover by JAFO and have ordered it two times already.

Trint Height

Bilateral AK Amputee

OMG why didn’t anyone else think of this type of AFO before?  No strap.

Devitra Suga - JAFO

Drop Foot Patient

Finally an AFO that I can wear all day without any chaffing.

Sarah Noel - JAFO

Drop Foot Patient

Hi, i am so excited to see this JAFO. I love it! I have been wearing AFO’s for 20 years and have always wanted something like this. I love your idea! As an AFO wearer i have always felt self conscious of my atrophy in my braced leg. I like the idea of the padding in it to make the leg look more normal.

Sam Holsten Scott - JAFO

Drop Foot Patient

I’m using both the products running cycling and hiking. Doing about 30 miles a week bike 10 to 15 miles running.  I’m an  RN so on my feet all night and these products together are amazing.

John Preston - JAFO

Drop Foot Patient

I have had foot drop for 35 years. I came across the JAFO and my life has changed for the better and I use both outstanding AFO’s.  I use the Turbo Med and Leifspring AFO with the JAFO. Best product I ever used. Thank you JAFO.

James Byrd - JAFO

Drop Foot Patient, Single Engine Pilot